We are always flexible. If the dates on the calendar don't suit you, please let us know what you want. We will try to accomodate you.

Booking Calendar
Dates for 2017 Type Start Finish
MAY 13/5 - 19/5 Charter Olbia Olbia
20/5 - 26/5 Charter Olbia Olbia
27/5 - 2/6 Charter Olbia Olbia
JUNE 3/6 - 9/6 Charter Olbia Olbia
10/6 - 16/6 IYT Bareboat Skipper
1 free place
Olbia Olbia
17/6 - 23/6
24/6 - 30/6 Charter Olbia Olbia
JULY 1/7 - 7/7 IYT Bareboat Skipper Olbia Ajaccio
8/7 - 14/7
15/7 - 21/7 Charter Ajaccio Calvi
22/7 - 28/7 IYT Bareboat Skipper Calvi Calvi
AUGUST 29/7 - 4/8
5/8 - 11/8 Charter Calvi Elba
12/8 - 18/8 IYT Bareboat Skipper
3 free places
Elba Ajaccio
19/8 - 25/8
26/8 - 1/9 Charter Ajaccio Olbia
SEPTEMBER 2/9 - 8/9 Charter Olbia Olbia
9/9 - 15/9 IYT Bareboat Skipper Olbia Olbia
16/9 - 22/9
23/9 - 29/9 Charter Olbia Olbia
OCTOBER 30/9 - 6/10 IYT Bareboat Skipper Olbia Olbia
7/10 - 13/10
2018 Dates will be set by the end of November 2017.
STATUS:    Available.    Limited places still available.    Full.

To make a booking enquiry please send an email to us at ahoy@oceanwind.ch.

How to get there

General information

Ocean wind is a no smoking boat.

Space is always limited on a sailing vessel. Please bring the minimum, in a soft bag. Large hard cases or cases with wheels are not welcome as they are impossible to stow away.

Bedding is supplied. Bring towels (one for fresh and one for salt). The evenings can be cool so bring something warm. There is no provision on board for washing, we may be able to go to shore to find a laundry, but it is not always possible.

There is no AC power on board when we are away from a marina. The boats electricity runs on 12 Volt batteries, like a car. If you have items that need to be charged, please bring 12 Volt chargers that fit into a cars cigarette lighter socket. We also have a USB charger on board. We have a USB plug on board. Please note that modern electronics (Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, Camera etc.) require a lot of power and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to charge everything all the time. Our stereo can play music from an USB port so you can plug in your MP3 player directly.